We provide a flexible schedule allowing families to join us any day/ anytime.


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A child’s development is unique to each child, each family.


We offer the perfect blend of activities benefiting both adults and children!!


“My 2-year-old son recently visited K Peas Place, and he had a wonderful time! It’s a fantastic place for children – they develop not only their cognitive abilities (IQ) but also their emotional intelligence (EQ), which is arguably even more crucial in today’s world. Investing in our children’s well-rounded development is investing in their future success. If you’re looking for a stimulating and nurturing environment for your child, I highly recommend checking out K Peas Place🎶” Anton

Weekly/ Daily Schedule:


  • Creative Play & Music Classes include all ages. All ages. babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school agers siblings!
  • Some days include extra age specific activities, (Wednesdays = age specific)
  • Older and younger siblings always welcome.
  • Save snack time for before or after class! We sell snacks or families pack a snack/lunch to enjoy with your peers!
  • Eating together is a beautiful opportunity to learn more about your new friends, practice manners and social skills.
  • Conversation and ideas are often shared around the table.

Activities are designed for babies, toddlers,  preschoolers, and their caregivers!


We do not separate ages. 

However, we do design each activity session based on our guest list!

Your RSVPs mean a lot to us!

We provide tailored activities based on 23 years of experience ~ your love guides us in all we do!

  • B/T = Baby/ Toddler
  • PS = Preschoolers ages 2.5-4yrs
  • SA = School agers 4-7 yrs. (request a time to be added)

Each day offers a variety of activities promoting learning and inspiration!!!

Choose your daily experiences!

Class Only (30-45 minute experience)

Class time is dedicated time to connect ~ be engaged and enter another level of LOVE with your children!!

When attending class,

please arrive on time to start class & end class for optimal benefits.

Play Only (45-90 minute experience)

Playtime offers a creative experience including extra relaxation and conversation with our new found friends! Our space is a wide open play area providing sensory play experiences including various tangibles for exposure to textures igniting conversations promoting language development and inspiration! Babies may begin crawling and walking which is often motivated through our all inclusive set up blending parents and caregivers with watchful guidance. 

Thank you for choosing K Peas Place to be your positive place of inspiration!


 Book your CLASSES +

Creative open PLAY +

SENSORY Experiences!!

Mondays ~ 

Music Classes &/or Play! 

  • 9:30    Play
  • 10:00  Music Class 
  • 10:45- 11:30 Play
  • 11:30-12:30  Play + Bubble FUN

Add on Fun: March 4th

  • 4:00 Music Class
  • 4:45-5:30 Play



Music Classes &/or Play! 

  • 9:00  Music Class
  • 9:45- 11:00  Play


Wednesdays ~ 

Alphabet FUN w/ extra SENSORY Exploration = Learn & Play Classes!

A semi-structured experience that includes arts & crafts/table sensory activities, playtime, and circle time. A themed based playgroup/preschool alternative that offers extra sign language, playful movement /creative learning experiences.

  •  9:30     Play 
  • 10:00    Baby/Toddler (B/T) Class
  • 10:30- 11:20   Play & Art 
  • 11:30 – 12:00 Preschool (PS) Class 


Thursdays ~ train days!

Music Classes &/or  Play!  

  • 9:30  Play 
  • 10:30 Music Class
  • 11:15-11:45  Play


Fridays ~

Music Classes &/or Play! 

  • 2/23 Speech & Play 9:00-10:00 during play! 
  • 9:00     Play 
  • 10:00   Music Class 
  • 10:45- 11:30  Play 



Saturday 2/24 ~

Music Classes &/or Play! 

  • 9:30   Music Class 
  • 10:15-11:00  Play 


Sunday 3/3 ~

School-agers Sewing Workshop

  • 1:00-2:30 Spring Keepsake


*Weekday~ Afternoon hours 

Request a time to bring your playgroups, moms groups for private events, private classes and or open play for groups of 5 families or more.

Bring us your love and we’ll open for all to enjoy!  Available for private rental/ private play dates!

* check often we add classes and play sessions upon request for all to enjoy!



Reserved for PRIVATE events!

Book your private Birthday Parties & special events with us today!

Classes and play sessions are added (dated) as time permits around our private events!

  • Your direct connection is requested to confirm daily attendance. 
  • Prepaid families may use the remind app or email
  • All new first time families must complete the online registration. 
  • This helps us plan our day accordingly!  Thank you for understanding.
  • We cater to our guest list!
  • Your daily connection will allow us to communicate with you, if there are any changes.


We STRIVE for:
  1. FLEXIBILTY- come any day any time + add on dates including afternoons & weekends as they are scheduled.
  2. AFFORDABLE rates per family, not per child.
  3. VARIETY of daily activities catered to our daily guest list!
  • No annual registration fees.
  • No commitments required. No auto monthly payments.


  • Discount Packages~ Commitment options:
  • 5 visits use in 2 months
  • 10 visits use in 3 months
  • Pay as you go- you may use first payment towards a discount package within 7 days of first visit.
  • Must use initial payment within 2 weeks of payment. We are planning for you!
  • PROCESS your day- review your weekly goals and routine.
  • Decide the best discount for your family.
  • Choose how to use your packages in the time frame selected!!
  • Come any day any time (arrive on time for class)
  • (add on weekday afternoons and weekends included)
  • (Special Events not included)
  • Monthly discount plans are available for families planning to attend 2 or more times per week!
  • CLICK TO  READ our Perks + Policies + Reminders

We are excited to welcome your family to sing and play with us regularly!


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