Paul’s Project

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Enlightening the community to the urgency and importance of supporting families of critically ill children and to nurture the parents, as every moment together counts.


In 2008, Paul’s Project began as a community service project as part of the requirements for Paul’s 4th grade gifted class, in memory of Mathew. Paul’s idea was to collect comfort items for parents of children who suddenly found themselves living in the PICU. The first year he was able to make 20 comfort bags.  The response he received from the hospital staff and families was overwhelming.

In September 2009, Paul once again collected items to create comfort packages to distribute to parents that have arrived at the hospital with nothing.  One year after his first collection, Paul’s efforts (no longer for a grade) enlightened and captured the awareness of friends, family and the community. Paul’s Project received donations far exceeding 20 bags.


Paul’s Project, a program that falls under the umbrella of the 1Voice Foundation 501C(3), continues, to provide support to parents in five west central hospitals specializing in pediatric care.


We grow, we reach, we comfort the lives of families in crisis. We care! For more information please go to our website or follow us on Facebook.    Our vision is to expand our services.  If you would like to be part of our growth, please contact us. There are many ways you can help.

Paul’s Project is a program under the

1 Voice Foundation 501 c3.