Private Play Dates

Private Play Dates are perfect for families wanting to gather and meet up whether it’s a support group or a social experience for their children of like ages, including homeschoolers. At K Peas Place our tables are spacious and overlook the entire space giving adults an option to relax and enjoy conversation while their children play in view, like in a home setting. 

  • Play time is tailored to your guest list.  
  • Our space is versatile to create developmentally appropriate educational experiences for all ages.
  • One host will be on site to provide our hospitality and housekeeping quality in check.
  • $25 per family (immediate siblings) with a minimum of 5 families participating. [Excludes prepaid packages and unlimited deals; must pay-as-you-go]. 
  • $50 non-refundable non transferable deposit is required 3 days in advance to secure your time.

We are here for you.

Private Play Dates are booked for 90 minutes and includes use of the play and eating area(s).

Private Play Dates are not birthday parties. No decor or cake is allowed.

Closed container beverages are allowed and simple snacks may be enjoyed in our eating area.

An enrichment class/extra activities may be added, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote to meet your vision!

We’re happy to provide an indoor, spacious, educational place for families to connect, play, and celebrate time together. Email us at to discuss availability and to schedule your Private Play Date today.