K Peas Place is a great place to host a graduation party

for your preschoolers and


K Peas Place offers a relaxing,

memorable, and

rewarding time spent together.

Let them PLAY!

 What happens during play?  The kids engage in interactive games they create while they explore together!  They have developed valuable social skills in school!  The grown ups will connect too while they mingle, eat, relax, and chat……watching their children play!    

Let’s Eat!

At K Peas Place, we welcome families to bring food to enjoy in our eating area!   Pizza is often delivered and is a great option most kids love!  We are happy to make recommendations of our personal favorites near by! 

More than Play!!

In addition to the play time experience, you may want to add our beloved music and movement interactive stories, dancing, percussion instruments, and parachute play activities to your celebration!  These activities are a great way to highlight the group together in our classroom! 

Music and Movement includes grown ups too! Enter their world of learning during this dedicated time together!  As teachers, we love to facilitate another special element for you to see your little learners with their peers in a focused, fun, and festive learning setting! 


Our venue is the best place to gather!  

As grown ups CONNECT, children PLAY and explore gaining independence all while they are still within your view from every angle!  CELEBRATE time together today!

K Peas Place is a great place to host a graduation party for your preschoolers and kindergartners!

Invite your child’s classmates for a new experience playing together as they do at school! 

Fostering their friendships through playful experiences allows children to be seen and celebrated uniquely as they are!! 


Host a Graduation Party for your Preschoolers and Kindergartners!