Halloween Activities for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Join us in October for our not so spooky activities!

Holiday Themed Music and Play!

Come and enjoy our daily music and play sessions with your children this season!  October songs and activities enrich language and vocabulary while incorporating play with your child. Introducing counting with pumpkins and spiders OH MY!

Some of the BEST ways to introduce new experiences is through music and movement!  Families will enjoy dancing with various props along with their peers designed with specific ideas to incorporate rich language into everyday routines and play. Hop on in and enjoy the excitement of learning together!  

During open play families may choose to create FUN and SIMPLE toddler crafts including sensory exploration!  Children love to create and experience new materials with their caregivers focusing on the process, not the product!


Mark your calendars for these SPECIFIC dates and TIMES for extra opportunities to COME dressed up in your Halloween Costumes and enjoy “TRICK or Treating” in a comfortable kid friendly environment!


  • Friday October 27th (10:00)
  • Monday October 30th ( 10:00)

What to expect:

  • Bring a bucket to collect treats from class friends
  • Bring treats to share with class friends
  • Come dressed up


DRESS UP ON TUESDAY 10/31!  (no trick or treating, that was reserved for only music class time)

Halloween Coupon $10 off your next return class/play packages!  Purchase through 10/31- via Zelle.

  • Tuesday October 31st 9:00 Circle Time (9:30-11:00 Open Play & Art)



All Snacks and lunch welcome in our eating area.


Adults, wear socks! (kids optional) $2, if you forget benefits: Paul’s Project

Mark your calendars and visit Facebook events to invite your friends.


Our Indoor Playground for Kids

K Peas Place is open all week for open play, structured class and special events.  We strive to connect, play, and celebrate each sweet pea we meet!

Welcome to your new neighborhood educational indoor playground.  While you visit please, take time to create a hand print for our growing art canvas expressing all the love and fun happening at K Peas Place. The children love to look at the art piece and find their hand each time they visit!

Benefits at a Glance

  • Quality playtime with your kids
  • Socialize and connect with other parents
  • Family Rates
  • Pre-registration required
  • Educational and Fun environment
  • Designed for ages 0-7 yrs.

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Halloween Activities for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers!