Open PLAY + Sensory FUN!




(unstructured- no class included = just play)

Are you looking for a place to simply relax, meet up with a friend, connect with new families? If your answer is yes, then you are going to LOVE it here!


During open play, play just happens. Open play time encourages your child to use their imagination, gain independence, share, and take turns. Caregivers can be a part of open play, pointing your child in the right direction, playing a role in a game, be the audience of their puppet shows, or creating an arts and crafts project together. It is a time for spontaneous creativity and growth. K Peas Place is a great place to connect with other adults in your community and share a play date or plan a meet up.  

What do children do during open play?

They use their gross motor skills while they explore the space through climbing, sliding, and riding on moveable push toys such as cars.  They create with their fine motor abilities by playing with various toys and manipulatives.  Infants enjoy our quiet zone with mirrors and age specific activities.  The beauty of the space allows for a peaceful time yet a stimulating atmosphere for all ages.  Open Play time is always a sensory play experience including various tangibles for exposure to textures igniting conversations promoting language development and inspiration! Babies may begin crawling and walking which is often motivated through our all inclusive set up blending parents and caregivers with watchful guidance.  When families make their reservations we know our guests and create experiences for them to enjoy!  No two days are the same!  We’ve grown by the love that finds us and are very thankful you will be joining us too!


Contact us via email:, include your phone number to discuss a possible discount for multiple families in your care such as foster families etc.


The time you spend with your child in open play is relaxing,  memorable, and rewarding time spent together.

Open PLAY + Sensory FUN!