Social Distance Music Class OUTDOORS | Tampa Bay Area

Families are looking for FUN things to do with their children!

Our Weekly Schedule is:

Thursdays 10:30

Fridays 10:00


*Add on Weekend FUN, as time permits!

Saturday~  10/10~ 10:00


Our OUTDOOR class options provide your family the FUN you are looking for in a semi- social distance fashion!

It is with great joy that during these pandemic days and COVID-19 that we navigate and meet the needs of our community!

ONE of the MANY benefits we have noticed is the excitement each participant feels when walking into class!  They smile and feel “normal” again!  These are the healthy endorphins that we need to live a happy joyful life!  Natural endorphins produced by being social with a smile, a peace sign, a wink, etc… When you add a a social activity into your calendar, you have something to look forward to.  Even if it’s the ONE thing you do, it will be a HIGHLIGHT of your week!  Come join us!  We’ll dance, sing, sign, laugh, giggle, shake, rattle, and roll!  Your heart will feel HAPPY and LOVED along with a natural brain buzz that will lift your spirits!

Join our OUTDOOR Classes by registering using this link:

Social Distance Music Class OUTDOORS | Tampa Bay Area