Letter from Ms. Karen

Hello~ Thank you for taking time to read about a decision in the making……

Life is UNCERTAIN….. it always will be….

We are people with LOVE and COMPASSION striving to be the BEST we can be by the information given to us. Ultimately, we will do what makes us feel comfortable and happy. Because at the end of the day when we sleep this is the peace that allows rest and relaxation………

We have many new families that have joined us and are learning about the magic here at K Peas Place and in my Music with Mar. Classes around Tampa Bay!

Here is the history of my HOW, WHY, WHERE, WHAT…

9/ 2003- Opened A Play Patch- same business as K Peas Place- with a partner.
2/ 2005- Left the partnership and went mobile.
5/2005- My first born son, Mathew, was diagnosed with Leukemia age 2.5yrs.
2005-2017- I maintained community mobile classes at churches, preschools, libraries and traveled nationally/ internationally keynote speaking and teaching early childhood educators about the Music with Mar. Curriculum.
(2008- current – I direct Paul’s Project organization in memory of Mathew- comforting families facing medical challenges in ICU and RMH.)
1/2017- reopened as K Peas Place! (the ladybug symbol used to be a snail= as a message to slow down enter the garden and just be with your children- the new logo replaced the snail with a ladybug- a symbol of Mathew as he loved ladybugs- he passed away at age 5yrs after battling Leukemia, K Peas Place also was the home to the 1 Voice Foundation on Tuesdays for their TOTs program privately- they now have their own space in Brandon. K Peas Place is the host site for Paul’s Project where I assemble PACKS (PARENT. ACCESSARY. CARE. KITS for families in medical situations)

THE NAME K PEAS PLACE- K= Karen, P = maiden name Pasqualichio, (school age nickname KP, hence K Peas Place- PEAS = goes with the theme Mat and I are like Peas and Carrots , we go together- he named the business)

1/2020- My husband, Mat, was diagnosed with brain cancer and I was going to shut down K Peas Place to be by his side. He advised me to keep it open. Our staff kept it open… I returned in February as Mat came home and began treatment. He is working full time and has stable scans… again life is uncertain….)
3/2020 COVID- Worldwide Pandemic Closed K Peas Place.
3/2020-7/2020 -pivoted to ONLINE classes and began OUTDOOR classes
7/2020 – K Peas Place reopened
7/2020-2/2021 maintained ONLINE and OUTDOOR classes to meet the needs of our community navigating through fears of COVID.

NOW- here is the decision…

MARCH 2021- I will take Fridays to regroup. I will Pop up classes again on Fridays (TBA) in Dunedin (prior to COVID I taught our classes at an assisted living facility weekly- “Blending Generations” my mission is to connect & bring JOY through music and movement!
MAY 2021- added Fridays to accommodate growth.

All classes will maintain at K Peas Place as this is where I’m MOST comfortable. K Peas Place has proven to be the most normal despite the masks. The brain research behind all the activities and day to day set up in our classes and atmosphere is for the DEVELOPMENT of our young children! EARLY CHILDHOOD is PROFOUND and the brain and heart development is CRUCIAL. We all know we cannot go back and redo the first 3 years of life……
NOTE: I LOVE teaching in all platforms!

In fact, the other platforms are so incredibly AWESOME filled with LOVE, CREATIVITY and ADAPTION. However, there are too many other variables for me as a TEACHER to keep my focus at 100%. This is a personal decision that will allow me to rest and relax at the end of the day!

I whole heartly, hope we continue to enrich each other’s lives including key ingredients during our time together and that is LOVE, APPRECIATION, and CONNECTION!

I strive to build a relationship with every family! Thank you!

Thank you for enriching my life, I’m forever grateful!

K Peas Place has proven to be #1

We welcome you! If you have a prepaid package, I will credit you towards our indoor price point within a fair time frame! Connect with me. Some families travel for the quality that we provide in our classes and open play sessions! Some as much a 1 hour away! Yes! Think of it as a field trip~ a special occasion, an educational memorable experience!! Do you travel to go to the Zoo/ Clearwater & Tampa Aquariums? I hope so!

WHY? Because we provide an educational, enriching, safe place to:


We say CONNECT – we connect people, we connect our brains & hearts!!
We say PLAY- natural need- every registration received mentions a goal- to SOCIALIZE & LEARN.
We say CELEBRATE- because life is uncertain, we celebrate every day!!
Visit www.kpeasplace.com to learn more about all that we offer and what we are ABOUT!

See you soon!

Miss Karen (KP)

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