The Little Engineer’s Club

2021 Schedule

April 10th 4:00p-6:00p

Classes are held once a month here at K Peas Place!

Art Make & Take lessons are designed for ages 4-8yr!

Babies and toddlers always welcome to enjoy music class and train creations!

Pricing applies per family unit!

Please, complete this registration and select the dates you plan on attending!


K Peas Place

  • (Pinellas Park Train Station~  returns in the FALL TBA)


  • Train creations/ play
  • Train themed music class
  • Topic make & take keepsake!
The details in each lesson truly belong in a museum! Each of the 46 lessons were hand drawn by “Mr. Dave” from years ago from HR TRAINS!
These lessons have been preserved to be shared with your train enthusiasts! We are honored and privileged to revive this unique one of a kind interactive class for our community to enjoy as so many did years ago!  This class is perfect for ages 2-7.  Of course, younger and older siblings are ALWAYS welcome!
We personally hold special memories from attending these classes with our own children!