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~Letter Ll~

LEARNING LETTERS is LOTS of FUN!  LEARNING a new LIFESTYLE can be fun too by LETTING our LOVE LIFT us up and shine in all we do. In fact, LISTENING to our LITTLE people may LEAD us into creative and playful LETTER LEARNING experiences expressing many LANGUAGE opportunities! It’s very simple, LOOK around and see the teachable moments in all we do! If the weather is nice, kids are LEARNING to ride bicycles, going on nature walks LEAPING over LOGS or making LETTERS out of sticks! We see the LEAVES blowing and changing colors! We see LILY pads in LAKES and fishing LURES stuck in trees. In Florida, we also see LIZARDS LOTS and LOTS of LIZARDS!!! Oh, there is so much to see!

Perhaps, we may feel as though we’ve become LAZY, as we are driving LESS going here and there.  However, embracing this LIFESTYLE change also allows more time to accomplish the LITTLE things in LIFE that mean so much!  It may include sending a LETTER to someone or making LENTIL soup and keyLIME pie!  As LONG as we LAUGH through the challenges and enjoy what we can do, we’ll make LEMONADE or LIMADE, and we’ll be ok!

Remember to sing your childhood LULLABYES perhaps, you may recall LAVENDERS Blue or Mary Had a LITTLE LAMB!

We’d LOVE to hear from you and read a “story” including as many L words you can think of.  Play along and allow your brain power to guide you into writing or illustrating a story for your family to enjoy as we did for K is for Kids and Kindness  | Preschool Learning


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Letter L is for Learning | Preschool Activities

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