Enjoy time relaxing, value your uninterrupted play time with your little ones ages 0-5yrs.

(older siblings welcome, please monitor and encourage them to be helpers and ensure they do not ride on the ride on toys and please walk at all times)

$15 per family drop in

$80 monthly unlimited play & class pass

$60/ 6 visits one month good for open play and/or classes

*Food is welcome to be enjoyed in our eating area~ pack a lunch or grab a bite on the way.
*Community Playgroups; Moms groups; moms meet up groups are all welcome.

*We love your call aheads as well as your suprise arrivals.

*No registration necessary. No registration fees.

* Dads always welcome!  Please let us know if you’d like for us to schedule a time for just  Dads to meet up to connect, play, and celebrate parenthood together!!  We’d love to hear from you!

~See you soon~


*We are a shoe free zone.  Remember your socks or purchase for $2.

What is Open Play?

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